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Content Ideas for Videos or Blogs for Coaches

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Answer a client or fan question.

If you don't have any client questions yet take a look for questions another coach’s clients have asked them and answer that question on your blog or video.

Bullet List – Quick Points/Tasks

Give your views or reads a list of quick tips or tasks they can do to solve a problem or start a habit.

Review or recommend something you found helpful like a book, movie, or blog post.

If you have recently read a book or watched a movie you think your client base would benefit from, make a video going through the movie, why you liked it and how your clients could apply what you learned to their own life.

Get Personal

Share some life stories and personal experience with what ever issue your clients may be dealing with. How did you over come it?


Post a motivational video or blog full of encouragement and success stories for your clients to help keep them on track.

Address Objections

What is a common objection you hear when it comes to your client actually paying for coaching? Address these objections in a video about WHY THEY NEED coaching. For instance, if they use their spouses as excuses very often. Talk about the importance of having a supportive spouse and getting them on board for their journey. And how if their spouse isn’t supportive, why is that and what can they do to overcome a spouse that is scared of them growing.

What hasn't worked in the past.

Ask clients what they have tried in the past, what they liked about it and what they didn’t like about it. No matter what it is, it didn’t work for them because here they are still seeking help. Help them understand why what they did before didn’t work and how you will be different.

In doing research for this post I found inspiration from

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