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Highlights: Coaches Creating Fantastic Content

I just found an article that is quite old but has some helpful tips. It is all about creating content as a coach! Here is a recap of the highlights...

• Make sure the content you are posting for you clients, is relevant and entertaining. • Know your niche and know who the people in your niche are. • What are you potential clients struggling with? What keywords are they searching for in google. Keep a list, and base content around them. • Make sure the information you are sharing is helpful to your specific niches. • Create a content calendar or schedule your posts in advance. • Know your audience when it comes to the type of content you are sharing, being long videos, short lists, or memes. • Ask yourself these 3 questions with everything you post..

  1. Why am I creating this content?

  2. Who is the audience?

  3. What do I want this content to achieve?

• Weigh in on some of the more controversial issues with in your niche. • Create compelling titles. • Educate yourself! Read, watch, listen... stay up to date!

View the original article here.

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