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I watched Ilyse Craft Coaching videos for 8 hours straight and this is what I learned.

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Get comfortable with money.

Have a good relationship with your money. Know the ins and outs of it all. What is coming in, what is coming out? Have a mantra or affirmation regarding money and use it, say it, look at it every day! Have a relationship with money. Don’t just ignore it.


Do It. Be careful what you wish for and be clear on your goals. Speak positively about yourself, your money, and your business. Actually, do it though. You actually have to see it. Know it in your heart it will be true and it will be. Don’t play into the doubt. You are going to do it, you are successful. What does your language say about you and what does what you aren’t saying say?

Watch your language and your thought patterns. Your voice has results. Its all energy. Its ok to get personal in your videos and business.

You’ll be more relatable and sometimes hilarious. It endears folks to you. Niche Down (Niche Up)

Make it very clear what you do. Be clear and speak plain English. Don’t explain to people what you do like an elf from lord of the rings. Say things straight and simple. Be confident in yourself and what you are doing. Its ok to promote yourself. Do it. Own it, own yourself, own your work. Look Back, not too much but occasionally. You will see the changes and be proud. Do stuff you love and do it often.

Show up for yourself. This stuff translates into your business. The energy you exude comes through in your business. When you are thriving and happy your business can thrive. Also, life isn’t only about business. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing in your business. Keep learning new tools and use the ones that align with what you value. In conclusion what have I learned from spending a day listening to Ilyse? She knows her shit. If there is a platform she is on, I will be there. So check her out and tell me, what have you learned?

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