Melissa Debusk Design

Hi, I’m Melissa. My creative journey started long ago. I devoured all the art and photography classes offered in and out of school. They say some things are in your blood, in your DNA, and for me, it shows up in the world today through graphic design, visual communication, web design and helping bring peoples vision to life.

Being a Certified Transformational Coach allows me to take you on a journey to finding exactly how you want to visually communicate your brand to the world. I have met so many incredible Coaches, that are frustrated and shut down when it comes to logos, branding, websites, landing pages, coupons, and the list goes on. “This is NOT what I signed up for”, is a common complaint I hear from clients, wanting so much to work with their clients and have this piece taken off their plates.

You don’t need to be a branding pro, because I am. Together we collaborate to create a brand that can reach across multiple platforms, your website, marketing content and so much more. I work with you either “ala cart” or you can bundle items together to see your brand and business come to life faster.


Due to my coaching background we are able to get on the same wavelength quickly and effortlessly.

To Your Powerful Visual Success,


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